Dear Mel

I am on a plane in Italy returning to London

I have had many massages regarding the card our friends have received

I will send you across a few (as below) so you see how you have touched many with your work

I thank you for spinning your magic and managing to create a card this year in minimum time!

Much love to you and may you have a blissful spring

Mariam xx

Naomi Sesay  Billionaires Ladies Club Entrepreneur

I am fascinated  and dazzled with the skill and beauty Melanie Winning displayed on the illustration made for me. The concept, colours and meaning all combined effortless to create a multitude of stories that could endlessly morph and change with the perceptions of the viewer. Melanie has a sharp and sensitive eye for detail and manages to embellish and heighten  the intangible states of emotion, whilst bringing them to life on a  tangible piece of art work. I love it!



where do I begin to say thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art work just for me..……I needed a lamp but not for one minute did I expect a beautiful present such as this from my partner Nigel. I adore it, everything about it screams ME!

I have it set up in my living room and it matches the colouring, the mood, the light required and it sits right next to where I perch. it is so DYNAMIC!

It is beautiful, stunning, adorable and very special to me, and I just love the theme name you have given it….MAKE DO AND MEND.


Thank you so much. 

Sonya Smith-Hughes xx


Tasmin Little OBE 

I have known Melanie Winning  since the time when she worked with my father in the West End production of The Rocky Horror Show.

Since this time, Melanie has branched out into a number of marvellously creative areas, including photography, styling for photo shoots, make-up and artistic concepts.

Mel has worked with me on several occasions for my artist press shots and album covers.  She also advised me and styled my clothes when I was being filmed during a period of 3 months for The South Bank Show, who were making a documentary on my life and work.

Mel has real flair as well as a wonderful sense of style and she is able to tailor this to suit her clients.  She has a positive personality and has always been very approachable - her ability to enable me to relax and concentrate on my work is one of the prime reasons why I have requested her as photographer and stylist. She has excellent judgement but is also sensitive to her client's opinions, adjusting to their needs as necessary. 

It is my great pleasure to recommend Melanie very highly, both professionally as well as personally. 

Tasmin Little OBE

I saw Mel Winning's magnificent Nice Anubis mannequin art

on her website and Instagram and coveted one.

We love light and art and combining them so creatively shone out to us.

Mel enlightened, swiftly took a brief, key words about us;

film, Italy, costume.

What then arrived was Cinema Paradiso.

A bird found plucked, feathers sorted into size and shade so carefully recreated into a fluffy bodice; crystal drop earrings; a Box Brownie camera arm and a Kodak film reel pillbox hat to secure the light was inspired.

Cinema Paradiso now has pride and place as a inspirational luminary in the corner of our home.

Martin and Sally Poole

Hi Melanie

Just wanted to let you know that I bought your beautiful oil painting at the Manningtree Art Exhibition yesterday (within minutes of opening)  and I am absolutely delighted with it!  

There was no other picture in the exhibition for me, I just had to have the girl in the red hat! Alison Baker