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  • Sad Little Mannequin

    Sad Little Mannequin

    A couple of years ago I recieved a phone call from a chap who looked after a church hall in Manningtree. 

    "I hear you like Mannequins " he said " I have one in my garage and I need to get rid of her, she is scaring the viitors in the hall and has been removed, I can't have her in my garage she is quite big, do you want her". I was immediatley intrigued "yes ok I'll come and get her" 

    When I got my first glimpse I realised why she had lost her job at the church Hall. Wearing pink brush nylon bloomers and a baby doll nightie wasn't a good look. 

    I put her in my car and took her home. Her Name is Sad Little Mannequin and to me she is a Star! I use her for my vintage Market Press and all kinds of things. People send me emails now where is The Sad Little Mannequin haven't seen her lately? she has also been and extra in a film I was acting in last year called The Haunted Hotel.

    Whatever I do to her with clothes and make up she will always look sad. Poor Sad Little Mannequin 

    Mel winning